How can I get more information about this offering?

Please view our Sponsor Guide here. To see the program in action — visit the CHUG Sponsors page.

What is the cost?

The cost is $8,500.00 annually, or $750.00 per month.

What kind of educational materials/links we can have on the site?

Completely up to you. You get six “containers” that you can populate as you see fit. You also have your own events calendar which allows you to list upcoming webinars, etc. Anything you add to this calendar also populates on the main “events” page.

Can we be listed under more than one heading?

Yes, as many as you would like.

Can a category be made that is specific to our solution, i.e. real time appointment scheduling?

Yes, if we need to create additional categories we are happy to do so (as long as there is not another one that is similar).

Number of CHUG members that are on the web site, etc.?

The CHUG website has pretty high volumes. While the number of visitors varies, we average 2,500 monthly website users and 35,00 page views (all of which would have your logo on the bottom of them).